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Updated: 09 Mar 2024


Assalam-u-Alaikum Friends! Are you want to Recite Asmaul Husna Rumi Online?

Look no further! In this article, we have quoted complete Asmaul Husna Rumi, Arab dan Maksud Bahasa Melayu. 

You can uncover the wisdom and spirituality behind each divine attribute in this insightful blog post. Let’s read.

Asmaul Husna Rumi, Arab Dan Maksud

In this section, we have quoted Asmaul Husna Rumi, Arabic dan Maksud. Let’s recite.

asmaul husna
ArabicRumiMaksud Bahasa Melayu
الرحمنAr-RahmanYang Maha Pengasih
الرحيمAr-RahimYang Maha Penyayang
الملكAl-MalikYang Maha Merajai
القدوسAl-QuddusYang Maha Suci
السلامAs-SalamYang Maha Memberi Kesejahteraan
المؤمنAl-Mu’minYang Maha Menjaga Iman
المهيمنAl-MuhayminYang Maha Pemelihara
العزيزAl-AzizYang Maha Perkasa
الجبارAl-JabbarYang Maha Memaksa
المتكبرAl-MutakabbirYang Maha Agung
الخالقAl-KhaliqYang Maha Pencipta
البارئAl-BariYang Maha Penyelaras
المصورAl-MusawwirYang Maha Pembentuk
الغفارAl-GhaffarYang Maha Pengampun
القهارAl-QahharYang Maha Menundukkan
الوهابAl-WahhabYang Maha Pemberi
الرزاقAr-RazzaqYang Maha Pemberi Rezeki
الفتاحAl-FattahYang Maha Pembuka
العليمAl-AlimYang Maha Mengetahui
القابضAl-QabidYang Maha Menyempitkan
الباسطAl-BasitYang Maha Melapangkan
الخافضAl-KhafidYang Maha Merendahkan
الرافعAr-RafiYang Maha Meninggikan
المعزAl-Mu’izzYang Maha Pemberi Kekuasaan
المذلAl-MudhillYang Maha Menurunkan Kehormatan
السميعAs-SamiYang Maha Menyamaknaya
البصيرAl-BasirYang Maha Melihat
الحكمAl-HakamYang Maha Mengadili
العدلAl-AdlYang Maha Adil
اللطيفAl-LatifYang Maha Halus
الخبيرAl-KhabirYang Maha Mengetahui
الحليمAl-HalimYang Maha Penyantun
العظيمAl-AzimYang Maha Besar
الغفورAl-GhafurYang Maha Pemaaf
الشكورAsh-ShakurYang Maha Mensyukuri
العليAl-AliYang Maha Tinggi
الكبيرAl-KabirYang Maha Besar
الحفيظAl-HafizYang Maha Memelihara
المقيتAl-MuqitYang Maha Memberi Rezeki
الحسيبAl-HasibYang Maha Menentukan
الجليلAl-JalilYang Maha Mulia
الكريمAl-KarimYang Maha Pemurah
الرقيبAr-RaqibYang Maha Mengawasi
المجيبAl-MujibYang Maha Mengabulkan
الواسعAl-WasiYang Maha Luas
الحكيمAl-HakimYang Maha Bijaksana
الودودAl-WadudYang Maha Mengasihi
المجيدAl-MajidYang Maha Mulia
الباعثAl-Ba’ithYang Maha Menghidupkan
الشهيدAsh-ShahidYang Maha Mematikan
الحقAl-HaqqYang Maha Hidup
الوكيلAl-WakilYang Maha Mandiri
القويAl-QawiyyYang Maha Kekal
المتينAl-MatinYang Maha Berkuasa
الوليAl-WaliYang Maha Memelihara
الحميدAl-HamidYang Maha Terpuji
المحصيAl-MuhsiYang Maha Menghitung
المبدئAl-MubdiYang Maha Pencipta
المعيدAl-Mu’idYang Maha Mengembalikan
المحييAl-MuhyiYang Maha Menghidupkan
المميتAl-MumitYang Maha Mematikan
الحيAl-HayyYang Maha Hidup
القيومAl-QayyumYang Maha Mandiri
الواجدAl-WajidYang Maha Menemukan
الماجدAl-MajidYang Maha Mulia
الواحدAl-WahidYang Maha Esa
الأحدAl-AhadYang Maha Tunggal
الصمدAs-SamadYang Maha Kekal
القادرAl-QadirYang Maha Kuasa
المقتدرAl-MuqtadirYang Maha Mengetahui
المقدمAl-MuqaddimYang Maha Mengatur
المؤخرAl-Mu’akhkhirYang Maha Mengakhirkan
الأولAl-AwwalYang Maha Awal
الآخرAl-AkhirYang Maha Akhir
الظاهرAz-ZahirYang Maha Nyata
الباطنAl-BatinYang Maha Ghaib
الواليAl-WaliYang Maha Melindungi
المتعاليAl-Muta’aliYang Maha Tinggi
البرAl-BarrYang Maha Baik
التوابAt-TawwabYang Maha Penerima Tobat
المنتقمAl-MuntaqimYang Maha Pembalas
العفوAl-AfuwwYang Maha Pengampun
الرؤوفAr-Ra’ufYang Maha Penyayang
مالك الملكMalik Al-MulkPemilik Kerajaan
ذو الجلال والإكرامDhu Al-Jalal wa Al-IkramPemilik Kebesaran dan Kemurahan
المقسطAl-MuqsitYang Maha Adil
الجامعAl-Jami’Yang Maha Mengumpulkan
الغنيAl-GhaniYang Maha Kaya
المغنيAl-MughniYang Maha Memberi Kekayaan
المانعAl-Mani’Yang Maha Mencegah
الضارAd-DarrYang Maha Menyebabkan Mudarat
النافعAn-NafiYang Maha Memberi Manfaat
النورAn-NurYang Maha Bercahaya
الهاديAl-HadiYang Maha Memberi Petunjuk
البديعAl-Badi’Yang Maha Mencipta
الباقيAl-BaqiYang Maha Kekal
الوارثAl-WarithYang Maha Mewarisi
الرشيدAr-RashidYang Maha Pandai
الصبورAs-SaburYang Maha Sabar

I hope you’ve easily understood this Asmaul husna 99 nama Allah in Maksud bahasa Melayu.

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In conclusion, delving into Rumi’s interpretation of Asmaul Husna unveils a journey of spiritual discovery and enlightenment. 

Through his profound insights and poetic expressions, Rumi invites us to explore the essence of each Divine Name, leading us towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and our connection to the Divine. 

By contemplating the Beautiful Names, we open the door to inner peace, wisdom, and a profound sense of unity with the universe. Let Rumi’s teachings serve as a guiding light on your spiritual path, illuminating the way towards a life filled with love, compassion, and divine presence. You should also recite more Ahadess by clicking on linked words.

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